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Large hood

Medium Hood

truss stage

gallery/truss stage

Millennium 12 meter wide Hood Cover


The Millennium 212 Hood Cover.
Fitting a 12 Meter Wide By 12 Meter Deep Stage


Rigging points for lighting avaiable on request.

Millennium 7 meter wide Hood Cover 


The Millienium 76 Hood Cover.

Fitting a 7 meters wide by 6 meters deep stage.


Sits on a 9.6 meter wide by 6 meter deep stage.

Truss Stage


Available in different shapes and size's.

Contact the design team today for a quote.


Sound System Fly points also available.

stage decking

crowd control



Stage Decking is available Indoors and Outdoors.


Stage Decks 2.4 meters wide by 1.2 meter deep


Available from 0.4 meters to 1 meter high.

Safety railing is also fitted for stages above 0.6m

Protect your audience and performers.


Crowd control barrier to keep your audience offstage and away from hazards around the stage.


Up to 30 Meters available.

Speaker Towers & Trussing for events.

Line array Flying towers up to 8 Meters High


Milos Truss for rigging of lighting, LED Screens


Contact the staging team today!